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updated at: March 2024

Private, No-Code AI Copilot Application for the modern professional

ChatNode is a versatile platform designed to make artificial intelligence accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical skills, while placing a strong emphasis on data security and privacy. With its no-code approach, users can quickly create AI assistants to tackle a wide range of tasks—from coding assistance and blog writing to image generation.

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ChatNode's Pricing Plans

ChatNode may change prices at any time. Here's our latest information:

Save hours of repetitive code and ship faster!


Perfect for Individuals Starting with Generative AI technology.


Pay once. Access forever.

  • Use 80+ AI models with your API keys
  • AI Assistants & Tools
  • Files & Retrieval


Perfect for Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Developers looking to build with AI


Pay once. Access forever.

  • All Basic Feautures
  • Proprietary AI Assistants & Tools
  • Advanced Files & Retrieval
  • Custom Chat Workspace
  • Desktop version
  • Priority support

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