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updated at: November 2023

Create AI Assistants for your business in seconds.

ChatPro AI is a no code platform that allows to create multipurpose AI Assistants in seconds for business, you can Train ChatGPT with multiple data sources such as Youtube Videos, PDFs, Word Documents, Plain Text and even with your website Data. Then add as a chat widget in your website. Unlimited websites.

Category: Chat Bot
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ChatPro AI's Pricing Plans

ChatPro AI may change prices at any time. Here's our latest information:





  • 1 ChatGPT Assistant
  • 20 credits/month




  • 4 ChatGPT Assistants
  • 2,000 credits/month





  • 10 ChatGPT Assistants
  • 5,000 credits/month




  • 20 ChatGPT Assistants
  • 10,000 credits/month

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