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updated at: May 2024

Personal AI data analyst designed to write and execute SQL queries. Datalynx can answer business questions about your sales & operations in seconds.

Here's what you get: 1. Integration takes 5 minutes. 2. SOC-2 compliant. The model uses only your database tables and columns. 3. Datalynx explains you the SQL query in english so you can validate the responses. 4. You can build charts in 1 click. 5. You can ask follow ups and strategize with AI about your insights.

Category: Chat Bot
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Datalynx's Pricing Plans

Datalynx may change prices at any time. Here's our latest information:

You're 1 click away from talking to your data


For solo professionals looking for insights.


/month per user

  • AI Data Analytics Assistant
  • Unlimited Database Integrations
  • Unlimited Charts
  • Unlimited Questions

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