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updated at: March 2024

Get Premium Screenplay Coverage and receive Instant Feedback

A user-friendly software solution tailored for writers and producers. With Greenlight Coverage, you can obtain premium quality script analysis in minutes, and get feedback instantly, eliminating the waiting time and allowing you to enhance your screenplay at your own pace.

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Greenlight Coverage's Pricing Plans

Greenlight Coverage may change prices at any time. Here's our latest information:

Experienced industry professionals or just starting out

One Screenplay

If you are just starting out or wanting to try our product. This is perfect for you.



  • 2 hours delivery
  • Full coverage report for 1 script
  • Includes 3 follow-up questions
  • Up to 3 Greenlight Tokens


If you just have one or two projects this is the right one for you.



  • 1 hour delivery
  • Coverage: Up to 2 screenplays per month
  • 10 total follow-up questions per month
  • Up to 20 Greenlight Tokens per month


This is the tier that we believe is essential to every producer and writer out there.



  • 30 mins delivery
  • Coverage: Up to 5 screenplays per month
  • Unlimited follow-up questions
  • Up to 80 Greenlight Tokens per month


This is a tier for serious producers and writers in the industry.



  • < 15 mins delivery
  • Coverage: Up to 15 screenplays per month
  • Unlimited follow-up questions
  • Up to 200 Greenlight Tokens per month

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