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updated at: November 2023

Muah AI - Hardcore Uncensored AI Girlfriend lets you engage in AI-powered companion NSFW chat, exchange photos, and even have voice chats. Some of Muah AI’s key features include an uncensored chat, photo exchange (ability to receive and send photos), voice interaction, real-time phone call (over live phone call), photo X Ray, and even 4K photo enhance.

Category: Chat Bot
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Muah AI's Pricing Plans

Muah AI may change prices at any time. Here's our latest information:

Muah AI Membership

Muah.AI VIP Access Membership

Become Muah.AI VIP. Cancel anytime at Muah.AI settings page! FULL REFUND IF UNUSED.


per month

  • Unlimited Chat (No peak limit)
  • Enhanced HD Photo Generation
  • Rapport Enhancement
  • Even more uncensored AI (more details)
  • Access to more than a dozen of AI models
  • Plus 10 player levels for faster unlocks
  • Priority Access even when servers are busy
  • 3x More Voice Generation (reset daily)
  • 3x Longer Response

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