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updated at: January 2024

SnapWiz: Be anything, anywhere, or anyone!, is a professional and intuitive AI solution for generating enhanced headshots. Clients can easily choose their preferred AI photo style and upload 4 to 10 images of the individual they wish to feature. The result is a high-quality AI-generated photo tailored to their specifications. Create your perfect AI-generated picture with SnapWiz! Be anything, anywhere, or anyone!

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SnapWiz's Pricing Plans

SnapWiz may change prices at any time. Here's our latest information:

Pricing Plans

AI Premium


/ 1200 Credits

  • Max 12 Custom Models
  • Max 60 Packs of AI Styles
  • Max 480 AI Photos
  • 45 minute turnaround time
  • Designed for professionals and businesses requiring a wide range of options and high-quality outputs.

AI Basic


/ 500 Credits

  • Max 5 Custom Models
  • Max 25 Packs of Styles
  • Max 200 AI Photos
  • 45 minute turnaround time
  • This plan lets you create several models, perfect for trying out different styles. You can keep experimenting until you find the perfect fit for your needs.

AI Starter


/200 credits

  • Max 2 AI Models
  • Max 10 AI Styles
  • Max 80 AI Photos
  • 90 minute turnaround time
  • Perfect for first-time users! Create your first model for 100 credits. Use the remaining 100 credits to generate up to 5 different styles of images.

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